Image Enhancement Critique: Three-Session Image Critique - $250

Session Breakdown:

  • Session One: Image Selection
    • During this session, we'll carefully curate the selection of your images, helping you choose the best ones for further refinement.
  • Session Two: Image Refinement
    • In this session, we'll work on perfecting your chosen images, ensuring they meet your creative vision.
  • Session Three: Final Review
    • We'll conduct a comprehensive final review of your refined images to make sure they're ready to shine.

Full Creative Guidance: Image Creation, Start to Finish - $700

Comprehensive Support:

  • Precreation Discussion
    • Let's kick things off with an in-depth conversation about your concept. We'll identify potential challenges and strategize how to bring your vision to life, including effective communication with your team.
  • Preshoot Discussion
    • Prior to your shoot, we'll conduct a final check to ensure everything runs smoothly. This step minimizes hiccups and maximizes your shoot's success.
  • Post Shoot Review and Image Selection
    • After your shoot, we'll review all captured images and help you select the most outstanding ones.
  • Post Processing Review
    • We'll provide guidance on post-processing techniques to enhance your images.
  • Final Critiques
    • We'll conduct a final critique of your images, ensuring they meet your artistic objectives.

Option 3: Have It Your Way - Hourly Critiques/Mentorship

Flexible Support:

Hourly Critiques/Mentorship

  • Tailored to your needs, our hourly critiques and mentorship are available in convenient half-hour increments for $250/hr.